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5 simple steps to permanent fat loss and avoid gaining it back

It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward ~Chinese Proverb


Welcome to Fat2FitSteps.com. Here you can find the right strategies to lose weight and keep it off step by step. Weight loss is not just about diet and exercise but harnessing your brain power and organizing your goals.  Follow these simple steps to accomplish permanent fat loss easily and effortlessly.


STEP # 1 – Visualize your goals

Step # 1: Visualize your goals

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Fat loss starts with the power of your mind. Use visualization to plant goals into your subconscious mind. If you can imagine it, you can be it! Visualize your success and your new transformed body. Read more on how to visualize your fat loss goals.


STEP # 2 – Write down your goals

Using a Ideal Body Weight Calculator, find out your ideal body weight. Set SMART goals. Something like I want to reach my goal weight of ____ lbs/kgs by ____ date by following a diet and exercise program and staying motivated. Read more on how to write your fat loss goals


STEP # 3 – Clean up your diet

Step # 3: Clean up your diet

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Diet is extremely important factor in your weight loss. Without proper diet, you will not see the results you desire. A proper diet should include a good mix of proteins, unprocessed carbohydrates and essential fats. Adopt a common sense diet which is sustainable in the long term. Make it as healthy and nutritious choices. Click here on how to clean up your diet and lose fat fast


STEP # 4 – Exercise Smarter 

Tired of spending hours in the gym doing all the cardio equipment and not seeing results? You need to adopt strength training ( aka weight training/ resistance training). Strength training combined with HIIT is the way to go. Strength training makes your weight loss permanent by creating an after burn effect and keeping your metabolism up. It helps in burning calories in between your workouts. Say goodbye to hour long aerobics classes. Click here on How to exercise smarter to burn fat faster.

Note: STEP # 4 and STEP # 5 go hand in hand for best results.


STEP #5 – Maintain you weight

Step # 5: Maintain your weight

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Once you have achieved your ideal weight, its important to maintain it. Congratulate yourself and celebrate but continue to keep a strict vigil on your weight. Click here on how to maintain your fat loss permanently.